Changing the oil in your car is one of the most essential forms of maintenance that you can ever perform. In fact, even if you only do just this one simple thing, your car can continue riding safely and comfortably for quite some time. One of the best ways to preserve and protect your vehicle is to pay for a professional oil change in Elk Grove Village.

For most people, this isn’t a task that can easily be performed at home. You’ll have to get low to the ground and actually underneath your car to do it. Without the right flat, level surface and equipment, even this small chore can become a very dangerous one. It is much easier to pull into Higgins Transmissions and let properly trained and well-equipped mechanics do the job for you.

There is also the matter of disposing of the old oil. While changing your own fluids might seem cheaper, you really do have to account for the hassle, stress and extra labor that comes with disposing of the resulting waste. At Higgins Transmissions, we’re well-prepared for this job. Moreover, our automotive technicians can change our your filter and check your other fluids in the process.

Quick visits like these are a great opportunity to find and deal with small problems before they create or turn into far larger issues. Knowledgeable automotive technicians can identify leaks, cracked or worn hoses and other components that may be poised to affect overall functioning. With their attention and care, you can stay on top of maintenance issues that might otherwise cause your car to stop working.

One of the greatest benefits of having this work performed by professionals is being able to keep a record of it. This way, if you ever decide to change your auto, you can show prospective buyers that it was well-maintained. Evidence of our services, including type and date provided will show up on the vehicle history report for your car. With every visit, you can look forward to special treatments including having your windows washed and the vehicle interior vacuumed upon request.

We specialize in the provision of timely and affordable solutions for drivers who are interested in keeping their cars working like they should. We offer an expansive range of preventative, maintenance and repair services for locals who need them. Best of all, if you just want a simple oil change, we can get your vehicle in and out of the service area in no time flat.