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Choosing A Car Repair Service Near Me In Elk Grove Village

Whether your car is just off the dealer’s lot, or has been a tried and trusted mode of transportation for many years, keeping it in optimum condition is the key to reliable operation. Choosing the right car repair service near me in Elk Grove Village requires some knowledge about the reputation of the mechanic, as well as whether the repairs are performed by a licensed and insured team of mechanics.

Higgins Transmissions has been meeting the auto repair needs of the Elk Grove Village area for more than four decades. It is a family owned firm that is proud to be a well-respected member of the community. Over the years since 1977, the firm has built extensive experience in repairs for foreign and domestic cars. The mechanics also can work on light-duty trucks. All years and car models are included in the service portfolio.

A car that is regularly serviced is less likely to need major repairs. We will help vehicle owners arrange for a reliable maintenance service schedule to fit the time which is most convenient for the client.

For business owners with a fleet of vehicles, we can schedule services at a time that minimizes the effect on business operations. We are happy to work around your schedule so that each vehicle in your fleet is checked and serviced regularly. Regular maintenance has been shown to extend the life of vehicles.

When choosing an auto repair facility, the reputation of the firm should be high on the priority list. Our customers come back year after year to get their vehicle repairs done in a reliable and affordable manner. We use the highest quality equipment in our shop and the parts we install on your vehicle at the most reliable in the business. As the technology of vehicles changes, our mechanics work hard to ensure that they have the latest information about the vehicles they work on.