If you own an automobile or other vehicle, keeping it in good operating conditioning is a critical task. You may not have the skills to do the work personally, so finding a competent professional is critical. Are you looking for information about a mechanic in Elk Grove Village, IL? Do you need auto mechanical services in Elk Grove Village or the surrounding area? Higgins Transmissions has the most professional and trusted mechanic services in the region.

Higgins Transmissions is a one-stop automotive repair center taking care of customers in Elk Grove Village IL and the surrounding communities. We can offer the full range of auto repair work and specialize in transmissions, performance modifications and classic restorations. Our reputation with customers has emphasized trustworthiness, integrity, honesty and value. We are proud to offer the best service in the industry. We utilize high quality parts, maintain high standards and provide warranties on our work.

Our services include regular maintenance, engine repair, transmission repair, radiators, exhaust systems, oil changes, and brakes. Other tasks which Higgins Transmissions perform include diagnostic tests, tune ups, classic restorations, high performance modifications, water pumps, timing belts, and regularly scheduled services. While our base elements of service are engines and transmissions, we specialize in restorations of classic cars. Bringing new life to these iconic vehicles is more than cleaning and repairing the contents of the engine compartment. We fully participate in achieving a satisfying feel and smoothing operational sound while ensuring optimized performance and authenticity.

In the antique auto repair business, you do not achieve longevity if your work is anything short of perfection. We are proud of our history of partnering with classic car owners in the area, and look forward to restoring many more vintage vehicles in the years to come.

We are a family-owned and operated repair service with a history of operations extending over more than four decades. This history represents two hardworking generations. Our customers are satisfied and are willing to say so in testimonials and posted reviews. Our technicians are qualified and trained so that they can efficiently and reliably service the vehicle.

Our quality work is always guaranteed. The staff is energetic and knowledgeable and uses the latest technology in diagnostic equipment to identify which repairs are needed. Once this is determined, we can proceed with the repair. We welcome fleet accounts and make every effort to educate our customers. More than seventy years of combined staff experience, we can make your next repair or maintenance visit easy and efficient.

When you need help with an oil change in Elk Grove Village, we can help. Call 847-437-4700 today and schedule an appointment.