The best way to preserve the value and aesthetic appeal of your vehicle is by regularly maintaining it. When you shop for car mechanics near me, look for professionals who are capable of meeting a very broad range of automotive needs. At Higgins Transmissions, we can assist with every from brake repairs and oil changes to full-on transmission replacements. With timely repair services and diligent care, we’ll keep your auto running exactly as it should.

All vehicles should have their oil changed at specific intervals. You can determine the best oil change schedule for your auto by visiting us or by consulting your owner’s manual. If your auto uses synthetic oil, you’ll need to schedule an oil change in Elk Grove Village about once every 15,000 miles. For vehicles using standard engine oil, these services should generally be performed once every 3,000 to 6,000 miles depending upon the age of your car and your driving style.

Noisy brakes that are slow to respond represent a significant hazard. These are especially important to tend to if you plan on taking any long road trips or use your vehicle for your daily commute. At Higgins Transmissions, we can install new brake pads, new brake shoes, or new rotors as needed. We even offer rotor shaving services for automobiles that have gone too long without minor brake repairs. If you find that you’re having to apply more pressure to the brake pedal to stop your car and that your stopping distance has greatly increased, look for brake shops near me today.

Our tune-up services can keep minor problems from spiraling out of control. During these inspections, we can identify worn belts and hoses, low fluid levels, and existing or pending leaks. Catching and correcting problems like these early on is often far cheaper and easier than waiting until they progress.

When you work with our mechanics, you can even have your battery tested. Seasonal temperature changes can subject these important components to a lot of wear and tear. Regular inspections will prevent you from being stranded by a dead or outdated battery at the worst possible time. To know more about our full range of automotive maintenance services, get in touch with Higgins Transmissions today.